Staying Motivated When You Are on the Verge of Burnout   

You have a cold that just won’t go away. You’re always tired. Your negative thoughts have become overwhelming. You envy all your friends for having lives outside work. You don’t have time to exercise and you can’t remember when you last ate a fruit or a vegetable.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you are likely on the verge of a burnout. If you can’t take a break from working, here are some things you can do to get through this tough time.

Set Small, Manageable Goals 

Manage your goals and work in increments, taking things one step at a time. In addition, take breaks in between to embrace a sense of achievement. Then, move on to your next goal. Write your achievements down in a notebook, journal, or calendar.

Break it Up

Often, a burnout comes because we fail to grasp what it takes to achieve top performance in our work. To prevent burnout, take regular breaks by leaving your office. However, walking around your workspace is not a break and only adds to the restlessness. Having a workout or taking a walk outside will give you a fresh, new, different perspective. You can even find a creative solution to an issue that was bugging you.

When your mental energy is at its strongest, you should focus on work. However, when you feel it’s beginning to wane, it’s time for a break. It’s critical to take breaks at the right time.

Be Mindful of your Health

Chronic burnout is the gateway to a series of immune disorders, which are much harder to treat and even cope with than the burnout itself. When we are burned out, we stop caring about what we are eating and how physically active we are. Some people also develop obsessive-compulsive tendencies to constantly check their email.

While it’s not easy to break these habits, you can make an effort to change them. For instance, write down one habit you want to change and make a plan to get started. It could be as small as eating a salad once a day or walking to the local grocery store instead of driving.

Live to Work to Work to Live?

We can only go without a life outside work for so long. Therefore, you should pick up a new hobby or take up volunteering, as long as it won’t add to your fatigue.

Change your Routine

One of the easiest ways to increase motivation is by changing your routine. You could begin with altering your morning one. Start your day with a short set of exercises instead of putting them off for until after work, when you’ll be too tired to do them. Moreover, you could take a different route to work. If you work remotely, you can take your laptop to a nice coffee shop or outdoors once in a while.

When you change our routine, you can become more creative. Moreover, you will find different sensory and visual experiences that provide motivation, inspiration, and stimulation. Eventually, doing your job will start making you feel good again, and that’s what overcoming burnout is all about.

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